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 Read This Before Joining Server

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PostSubject: Read This Before Joining Server   Read This Before Joining Server Icon_minitimeWed Oct 19, 2011 11:16 am

Minecraft Server

This is the server of this website. It is called Cyber Craft which creates a good feeling without lag. It has the maximum capacity of 20 people. In order to join, you must first apply for the white list. Applying can be made on the following topic: Whitelist Application

Next comes the IP of the server. In order to join, you do not need Hamachi or any other software. The server is currently 1.8.1, and when the full version of 1.9 comes out, the server will become 1.9. Join on this server IP: The server should be up 24/7. If there is some inconvenience or workings on the server, like changing it to 1.9 for example, there will be a reply on this topic by me, NeverEverSmile, Runaway, VoxelGamer, or the site owner, who may be busy, paradocs.

Now to the server rules and punishments. They should be clear:

1. Make sure you do not destroy any buildings or towns, otherwise the admins will ban you permanently.

2. Use appropriate language, otherwise you will be kicked. If this repeats, you will be banned for 24 hours. Another time, and you will be banned for a week.

3. Do not set fires, otherwise you will be banned for one week. If you repeat doing that, you will have a ban for a month, then another time, and you will get a permanent ban.

4. Do not steal from public chests and supplies, or someone's personal supplies, otherwise you will hit a month ban, and then a 3 month ban, and then a permanent one.

5. Do not build in public towns, or inside someone else's house. Do not build grief towers, unless you want to indicate something. There is no punishment for this, but you will lose those resources, since admins or player themselves will destroy them.

6. Build your own house (meaning that you can't use someone else's, especially the admin house, and you have to get your own resources), otherwise you will hit a month ban, and then a 3 month ban, and then a permanent one.

7. Do not annoy, or troll people. If you start spamming them, as well as the general server, you will have problems such as first there will be a kick, then a week ban, and then a month ban. Afterwards you will be allowed back on the server.

8. Do not beg for items. There will be a set of items given to you in the beginning of the playing. There is no consequences for breaking this rule, however, if the player says that you are trolling him, there is a separate section in the rules for that. See Rule 7.

Thanks a lot for reading,
Have Fun Playing!

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Read This Before Joining Server
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